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“You can’t change where you started, but you can change the direction you are going. It’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing now that counts.”
John C. Maxwell

“What a blessing it is for parents to believe in their children.”
Billy Graham

“There is nothing indulgent about the Moral Law. It is as hard as nails. It tells you to do the straight thing and it does not seem to care how painful, or dangerous, or difficult it is to do.”
C.S. Lewis

“I defy you to find a statue or a monument ever erected to anyone because they were realistic. All dreamers, all achievers, all great people kept their child-like faith in their own dream and their ability to carry it out, and these great people had an inordinate gift to disregard the word's cries for reality.”
Jim Stovall

“I learned that hard work is an essential part of life—that by and large, you don’t get something for nothing—and that America was a place that offered unlimited opportunity to those who did work hard. I learned to admire risk takers and entrepreneurs, be they farmers or small merchants, who went to work and took risks to build something for themselves and their children, pushing at the boundaries of their lives to make them better. I have always wondered at this American marvel, the great energy of the human soul that drives people to better themselves and improve the fortunes of their families and communities. Indeed, I know of no greater force on earth.”
Ronald Reagan

“Good communication has just a little to do with eloquence. It's character that makes it more successful. Harsh words nicely articulated are sharp enough to kill your brand!”
Israelmore Ayivor

“Powerful women are either sexually voracious rulers like Catherine the Great or Elizabeth I, or treacherous bitches like Cleopatra or Helen of Troy”
Bill Gates

“think to have a successful marriage, you need two very good forgivers.”
Billy Graham

“Your hindrance? Trying to build your dream without the Dreammaker.”
T.D. Jakes

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
Albert Einstein

“Our prayers must be in accordance with the will of God for the simple reason that God knows better what is good for us than we know ourselves.”
Billy Graham

“God is more interested in your character than your comfort. God is more interested in making your life holy than He is in making your life happy.”
Rick Warren

“The laws of gravity cannot be held responcible for people falling in love.”
Albert Einstein

“no scheme of self-government, however benevolently or generously it may be bestowed upon us, will ever make us a self-governing nation, if we have no respect for the languages our mothers speak.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“You can have Jesus in your spirit and have an outrageous mess in your soul.”
Joyce Meyer

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