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“until you have formed the habit of looking for the good instead of the bad there is in others, you will be neither successful nor happy.”
Napoleon Hill

“Trust in Him Trust the Word of God more than you trust the lies of the devil, and keep making progress!”
Joyce Meyer

“This power is made up of the principles described in this book. In the story of the Declaration of Independence it will not be difficult to detect at least six of these principles: DESIRE, DECISION, FAITH, PERSISTENCE, THE MASTER MIND and ORGANISED PLANNING.
Napoleon Hill

“Paying attention to what nourishes and stimulates your heart, soul, and imagination leads to listening to your instincts. In turn, listening to your instincts jump-starts the process of creating the fabric of your destiny. Like a designer sewing a garment, you take the vision within you and bring it to life in a suit to be worn for your next season of life. You are instinctively best at inventing what is in your inventory!”
T.D. Jakes

“I have said that she had no face; but that meant she had a thousand faces”
C.S. Lewis

“The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”
Martin Luther King Jr

“A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself.”
Barack Obama

“Nothing has saddened me so much in life as the hardness of heart of educated people.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“Retaliation retards your excellence. Nelson Mandela would not have been named as a great man if not for his courage to forgive those who schemed and plotted it for him to spend those 10000 bitter days in prison.”
Israelmore Ayivor

“live simply so others can simply live”
Mahatma Gandhi

“Then a genius has been born!”
Napoleon Hill

“As I read the Bible, I seem to find holiness to be [Christ’s] supreme attribute.”
Billy Graham

“The richest persons are those who give most in service to others.”
Napoleon Hill

“Passion drives perfection. The highest achievers in any field are those who do it because of passion, not duty or profit.”
Rick Warren

“So be steadfast in your commitment to Christ, and be a real VIP—a person with vision, integrity, and God’s presence.”
Billy Graham

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