General Idioms

Take him out of the picture
Meaning: remove him from the situation

Leading someone on
Meaning: having someone believe something that isn't true

The last straw
Meaning: the last thing that causes everything to fail

Check out that
Meaning: give that a look

The stars have aligned
Meaning: the moment is right

I’ll toss it around
Meaning: to casually suggest an idea to people

To touch base
Meaning: to contact someone

Out of nowhere
Meaning: unexpected

Beating around the bush
Meaning: not discussing what is important/procrastinating

Get out of town
Meaning: I don't believe you

Idioms by Category


A blessing in disguise
Meaning seems bad, but it's actually good

A piece of cake
Meaning Easy

Actions speak louder than words
Meaning actions are more important than words

Beating around the bush
Meaning not discussing what is important/procrastinating

Big task on your hand
Meaning having something important to finish

Break a leg
Meaning wishing someone to do well/ good luck

Can’t stand (something)
Meaning to dislike something

Check out that
Meaning give that a look

Close but no cigar
Meaning close but failed at the end

Don't sweat it
Meaning don’t worry about it

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