General Idioms

Big task on your hand
Meaning: having something important to finish

Up a creek without a paddle
Meaning: in a bad situation

Hands down
Meaning: for certain the right answer

Hang out
Meaning: spend time with a friend

Close but no cigar
Meaning: close but failed at the end

Break a leg
Meaning: wishing someone to do well/ good luck

I’ll toss it around
Meaning: to casually suggest an idea to people

Since day one
Meaning: for a long time

Throw an idea around
Meaning: casually suggest an idea

Let it ride
Meaning: to allow something to remain as it is

Idioms by Category


Draw the line
Meaning the point where you decide not to do something

Driving me bananas
Meaning making me feel crazy

Easier said than done
Meaning easy to say, but hard to actually do

Fill in the blanks
Meaning figure out the rest on your own

Get on the ball
Meaning to get focused on the goal

Get out of town
Meaning I don't believe you

Get over it
Meaning forget about the past

Gone off track
Meaning forgot about your future goal

Hands down
Meaning for certain the right answer

Hang on a second
Meaning wait for a moment

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