General Idioms

On the same page
Meaning: having similar thoughts

Throw an idea around
Meaning: casually suggest an idea

Hold your horses
Meaning: wait/calm down

The stars have aligned
Meaning: the moment is right

Stay on track
Meaning: to stay focused on the goal

Don't sweat it
Meaning: don’t worry about it

Close but no cigar
Meaning: close but failed at the end

Fill in the blanks
Meaning: figure out the rest on your own

I made a key decision
Meaning: make an important decision

Kill two birds with one stone
Meaning: accomplish two things at once

Idioms by Category


Hang out
Meaning spend time with a friend

Have stumbled upon
Meaning to accidentally discover something

Hit the books
Meaning to study

Hold your horses
Meaning wait/calm down

How’s it going?
Meaning How are you?

I made a key decision
Meaning make an important decision

I was knocked on my heels
Meaning I was surprised

I’ll toss it around
Meaning to casually suggest an idea to people

I’m feeling blue
Meaning to feel sad

I’m out
Meaning I'm leaving

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