General Idioms

Hold your horses
Meaning: wait/calm down

A piece of cake
Meaning: Easy

Let’s boogie on out
Meaning: et’s all leave together

I made a key decision
Meaning: make an important decision

Speak of the Devil
Meaning: when you see someone/something happens unexpectedly while talking about them

Put a sock in it
Meaning: be quiet

Up a creek without a paddle
Meaning: in a bad situation

Get out of town
Meaning: I don't believe you

A blessing in disguise
Meaning: seems bad, but it's actually good

Pull the plug
Meaning: to end something/someone

Idioms by Category


Take him out of the picture
Meaning remove him from the situation

Take it easy
Meaning calm down

That’s tight
Meaning that’s awesome

The last straw
Meaning the last thing that causes everything to fail

The stars have aligned
Meaning the moment is right

Throw an idea around
Meaning casually suggest an idea

Time flies
Meaning time passes by fast

To touch base
Meaning to contact someone

Up a creek without a paddle
Meaning in a bad situation

What’s up?
Meaning How are you?

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