General Idioms

Hands down
Meaning: for certain the right answer

Let’s bounce
Meaning: to leave

Big task on your hand
Meaning: having something important to finish

Take a chill pill
Meaning: a way of telling someone to calm down

A piece of cake
Meaning: Easy

The last straw
Meaning: the last thing that causes everything to fail

Spur of the moment
Meaning: to make a random decision

That’s tight
Meaning: that’s awesome

Up a creek without a paddle
Meaning: in a bad situation

On the same page
Meaning: having similar thoughts

Idioms by Category


Let it ride
Meaning to allow something to remain as it is

Let’s boogie on out
Meaning et’s all leave together

Let’s bounce
Meaning to leave

Locked in
Meaning to give full concentration too

Low down
Meaning to receive the full story

No big deal
Meaning no need to worry

On the same page
Meaning having similar thoughts

Out of nowhere
Meaning unexpected

Out of the blue
Meaning unexpected

Pull the plug
Meaning to end something/someone

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